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Jenny Hval 
Year of Love

premiered January 18, 2022
created in collaboration with Jenny Hval and Jenny Berger Myhre
A sense of loss and joy intertwines in a world of disconnected rooms. The artist inhabits these rooms. She is frozen in time, space, and mid-vowel. She is aware of her immediate surroundings. She is aware that there is more beyond what she can see. A version of her exists in a compressed, compromised, and objectified state. She is sitting in a room, in a house, in a neighborhood, in the art industry.

dir. by Jenny Berger Myhre, Annie Bielski, Jenny Hval 
Artwork, rooms, 2D animation by Annie Bielski
3D animation by Jenny Berger Myhre
Thanks to Notam & BEK

Official Selection - 45th Annual Norwegian Short Film Festival